From generation to generation

I attended my first ACO meeting during the first week of my freshman year at Allegheny College, before I even knew what “ACO” stood for.

Karen, my student orientation advisor, invited me, and that was good enough for me. My next-door neighbor/ new best friend/ future roommate Michelle and I checked out this Allegheny Christian Outreach thing together, and by our senior year, we were both serving as student leaders—and being photographed singing together with our friends!

A couple of weeks ago, Michelle and I got together with some of our college friends in Pittsburgh to attend a piano recital at Carnegie Mellon University featuring our friend and recently retired Allegheny music professor, Alec Chien. (Alec’s wife, Brenda, is in the center back row of this vintage ACO photo, to the left of Michelle. And unlike me, she looks exactly the same 30 years later!)

After Alec’s concert, we enjoyed a late-night snack at the Squirrel Hill Eat’n Park and reminisced about similar outings we’d enjoyed together during college. And Michelle told us about her daughter Nicole’s first few weeks as an Allegheny College student.

That very evening, Nicole was attending the CCO’s Leadership Together conference at Slippery Rock University with her new friends from ACO.

Fall is here! As you can imagine, the autumn months are busy here at the CCO. It’s exciting to hear stories from campus and to imagine what God might do in the lives of these students throughout their college years, not to mention in the years that follow. Given the current state of our country and world, the CCO’s mission of transforming college students to transform the world has never been more urgent.

Thank you for investing in me and my work with the CCO over the last 28 years. Thank you for making a way for a new generation of college students — like Nicole and her friends — to be equipped to live out their Christian faith today and throughout the rest of their lives. You are making a difference for the Kingdom!

me-glen-2014God bless you,

Amy Maczuzak
October 2016



To give to my ministry: or send a check to CCO, 5912 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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