Making Pennies, or My Father’s Money

My third You Are Here Stories post is filed under February’s theme, Money and Place.


When I was a little girl, I thought my daddy made all the money. That’s because when I once asked him what he did at work, he told me, “I make pennies.”

I probably was too young to comprehend the complexities of managing a blast furnace for US Steel, which is how my father actually spent his days back then. But I like to think I might have been able to wrap my five-year-old brain around it to some extent. Instead, I spent quite some time believing that my father worked in a penny factory.

To be sure, he was compensated for his actual work with many, many pennies—and nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars. Because of this, my life growing up was very different from his.

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  1. Linda Gabor says:

    Very true, Amy! I never think about where we’d be if Tata hadn’t caught that boat. So glad he did.

    1. Amy says:

      What a gift he gave to all of us! Love you, Lin.

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