My dad’s life in four parts

My dad recently sat down with freelance reporter, Ron Paglia, for an interview about his life. The resulting story is being published in four parts by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Mon Valley section. I am archiving them here as they are published. Enjoy!

Facing life’s challenges led to success (November 25, 2012)
Part 1 of 4
It is, as curricula vitae are concerned, standard form detailing the experience and qualifications of John Anthony Maczuzak. Read more>

Maczuzak’s road to ‘another world’ began in Ellsworth (December 2, 2012)*
Part 2 of 4
In addition to numerous cities in the United States, Ellsworth native John A. Maczuzak’s myriad assignments in the steel industry took him to Japan on several occasions. Those journeys abroad provided him with unforgettable experiences. Read more>

Football carried Maczuzak to Pitt, professional ranks (December 9, 2012)*
Part 3 of 4
Football was the sport that led John A. Maczuzak, who played offensive and defensive tackle at Ellsworth High School, to the attention of college coaches. Complemented by academic standing as an honors student ranked fourth in his class, he received 27 scholarship offers. Read more>

Learning never ends for former industry leader (December 16, 2012)
Part 4 of 4
When his successful 38-year career in the steel industry ended, John A. Maczuzak made another easy decision in life. Read more>

*These articles appeared in the print editions on Sunday, December 2, and Sunday, December 9, but have not yet appeared online. These are the drafts that were sent to me by the reporter.

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