Remembering Mom

Five years ago today, my mom lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. For months afterward, the 17th held a weird, indefinable significance. Not so much anymore, but my favorite season, autumn, has taken on a more-than-melancholy feeling for me since 2006.

I’ve been thinking about her all day, and I will be all week; a week from today, on October 24, she would have turned 70.

But for now, I’m just remembering. And I’m spending this Monday evening watching one of her favorite TV shows, Dancing with the Stars. And missing her.

My mom is the beautiful blonde lady with the sweet smile:

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  1. Casey says:

    Amy, – didn’t know that today was such a meaningful day for you. Forgive my insensitivity. I’m thinking of you this evening – even as we both watch Carson be such a goofball.

    1. Amy says:

      Thanks Casey! And no worries. Easier for me to write it than talk about it. 🙂 And good to remember.

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