Lazy day

The only downside of dining elsewhere on Thanksgiving is the lack of leftovers on hand the day after Thanksgiving. I’d love a turkey sandwich right about now, but it’s all good. I have all of the ingredients on hand for one of my favorite winter meals: sausage-sweet potato bake. That will be my day-after-Thanksgiving dinner.

And this is how I’m enjoying Black Friday: sleeping in, watching football,* putting up the Christmas decorations. Any shopping I may end up doing today will be online; I have no plans to leave the house until tomorrow. I started my re-read of Little Women last night, which is the perfect long weekend comfort read.

Next on my list: put the casserole in the oven and curl up with Little Women, the cat and a second pot of coffee.

Life is good.

*Today was the Backyard Brawl: Pitt v. West Virginia. Sadly, WVU prevailed. And so we move on to basketball season. 🙂

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  1. Carol says:

    You are having a wonderful day. I think I may read Little Women to mama, minus the daughter dying of course. I still have my original copy which is almost as old as I am. Enjoy your day.

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