Over the last couple of years, I’ve become a fan of PBS’s Masterpiece Mystery, particularly the Inspector Lewis series. It’s a spin-off of the Inspector Morse series, apparently, which I’m not as familiar with—although I did recently add several of those episodes to my Netflix queue.

I enjoy Masterpiece in general, whether it’s Mystery, Classic or Contemporary. But we seem to be in the midst of mystery season right now, and my most recent addiction has been the latest adaptation of Sherlock.

While I’ve long been aware of Sherlock Holmes as a cultural touchstone and icon (Sherlock Hemlock, anyone?), I’ve never read or watched any other adaptations of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle series, so I’m a bit of a neophyte. I really enjoyed this particular incarnation, though: a modern-day Sherlock whose refrain has been updated from Elementary, my dear Watson to the occasional, disdainful Obviously.

The final episode of the initial three-part series aired last night on my local PBS station, but all three are available to watch online at In last night’s episode, John Watson and Sherlock discussed Watson’s blog, in which the good doctor candidly summarizes his thoughts about Sherlock and the recent cases they’ve been solving. Imagine my delight when I found out today that the blog actually exists!

I’m loving this kind of cross-over media. Not only can I now read Watson’s blog entries, but I recently downloaded to my Kindle the book Heat Wave, penned by a TV character: Richard Castle, the mystery novelist protagonist of the ABC crime series Castle. I’m only a couple chapters in, but it’s like reading a novelized version of the TV show, which is really fun.

I must have a thing for literate detective-types. I love the geeky English major jokes that occasionally emerge in Castle, and the first scene of last night’s episode of Sherlock had our hero correcting the grammar of the man he was interrogating.

Someday there may be a TV or movie version of Nancy Drew that I enjoy as much as the heroine I picture from reading the books. She hasn’t shown up yet.

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  1. I love the crossover from Castle and the Heat Wave books too – so much fun.

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